South Africa has no time for your racial posts

Government condemns racist social media posts

Government expresses it’s disapproval of the growing amount of racist posts on Twitter and social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. It is seen to be a contributing factor to social tensions in communities and Government believes that it destroys the values of our constitution.

A social media survey showing the popular platforms in S.A. Image by: We are Social 


Racism will not bring the country down

Whilst government is aware of the right to freedom of expression, it will not allow racism to disrupt the nation. The Department of Justice is finalizing the National Plan against racism and other related incidents to strengthen the battle against it.
Government reminds all citizens that social media is just like any other publication, and people will be held liable for any harmful tweets or posts.

Acting GCIS Director General, Donald Liphoko, said: “ Government will actively pursue offenders through all available mechanisms including confronting employers and will not allow incidents of racism to define us as a country. What we do in defense of our country today will define who we are as a country in future. Those found guilty of racist acts must face consequences.”


Public involvement requested to combat racism

The public is encouraged to become more active in counteracting racism, within the confines of the law. Victims of racism can seek resource by opening a case at any local police station, or through the South African Human Rights Commission and the Equality Courts.Racism is a direct violation of the Constitutional Rights of each South African.

President Zuma said, “ The ideology of racism remains firmly entrenched among some in our population, and ire represents one of the most despicable human rights violation.”


South Africans should unite against all discrimination. Image by: Pledgett



South Africa is a democratic country and is governed by the constitution and All South Africans should promote social cohesion and peace.

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