Organik Gaian Dream 2016

Firstly, I would like to apologies for this post being so late, had plenty of things going on in my life but Organik just knows how to impress the mind and the soul.

This was my second Organik event, If you follow my blog I’m sure you’ve seen that Love Project was my first. However, this was my first Gaian Dream experience. The event took place at a hidden farm (was legit in a hole, we got lost trying to get there) just near Greyton in the Western Cape.  The duration of the event was 3 days and 2 magical nights, I always enjoy the evenings at an event.

Once again, We arrived the late hours of the evening and missed out on the first few hours of the day. By some miracle we (my cousin Tony Eccles, myself and friends) managed to set up the large 6 sleeper tent.

First stop after setting up was to the dance floor. The beautiful decor by the stage and shaded area of the dance floor  was installed by ZARAZ. The walk to the dance floor itself was like a mini episode of Lost. It felt like you were in the jungle waking over this mysterious pathway which had its own little river but only difference is you ended up at a place where dreams come alive.

The Dace Floor during the day


The Dance floor at night Image by: Zaraz


The Djay Lineup always plays an important role at every party and these crazy talented individuals local and international slayed our minds.

Day 1- Day 3 Djay Slots:

19h00 – 21h00 | Roommush
21h00 – 23h00 | Josh Mac
23h00 – 01h00 | Shockwave
01h00 – 03h00 | Tune Raider
03h00 – 05h00 | Higherwattska
05h00 – 07h00 | Wobblz
07h00 – 09h00 | Bernz
09h00 – 10h30 | Dynamic Range
10h30 – 12h00 | Geometric Flux


13h30 – 15h00 | Sadhu Sensi
15h00 – 16h30 | Brother
16h30 – 18h00 | Yeti
18h00 – 19h30 | iTone
19h30 – 21h00 | Sci-Lab
21h00 – 22h30 | Bruce
22h30 – 00h00 | Dave Mac
00h00 – 02h00 | Brainiac DJ
02h00 – 03h30 | Switchcache
03h30 – 05h30 | Drifter
05h30 – 07h00 | Deliriant
07h00 – 08h30 | Brainiac LIVE
08h30 – 10h30 | Headroom
10h30 – 12h00 | Broken Toy
12h00 – 13h30 | Future Frequency
13h30 – 15h00 | Gandalf
15h00 – 16h30 | Animato

The music was so great that the dance floor was the only highlight for me. I never even got to experience the dam/river.

The dam that I missed out on. Image by: Wendy Brown

A Djay that stood out for me at this party was the beautiful local fairy known as Pamm Aka Tune Raider. Playing a night time slot the Friday evening, I couldn’t help but force my way to the front just to experience her energy, She had the crowd and could take us on any journey that she wanted to take us on.

Tune Raider at Gaian Dream. Image by: Pamm Tune Raider

The only downside to this event was that a friend of mine was robbed and her tent was slashed. No matter how much security an event provides, one should always be aware of your surroundings and know that you enter these events at your own risk. However, this negative thing happened but we all still managed to have a positive time.





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