Food For Thought: Time to grow a difference

Living in a suburb called Grassy Park, daily life is not as glamorous as most people here and in surrounding areas suffer from the lack of access to food as poverty is an increasing problem and living here becomes more expensive which leads to people sacrificing to try and just keep a roof over their heads or struggle to supply their families with the necessary essentials such as bread, milk and something to put on the bread such as butter, cheese etc.

Your local Pick Pay, that not many may even see the inside of.


All around Grassy Park in the early hours of the morning or late in the evening you will see people creating a place for them to sleep just outside on the pavements infront of Lewis stores, PEP stores and by the taxi rank in Busy Corner. These people sleeping on the streets will wake up and try to get themselves something to eat or beg people all around the area.

Vagrants sleeping at the taxi rank in Grassy Park. Image supplied by News 24.


I,myself have made friends with a less fortunate individual, he stands by the robots every morning and sells the Daily Voice, not the most ideal job but I admire him for trying to do something.

Every morning as I make my way to get a taxi to town, I will always give him some bread or something to snack on.

Personally, I don’t believe in giving a less fortunate individual money because statistics has shown that many people who are poor have a drug addiction and any money that you would give them would likely go for drugs instead of food.

Here is not much support from community members, Few church organisations offer help such as the Anglican church on the corner of 2nd avenue and Victoria road in Grassy Park, have a soup kitchen that offer food parcels daily to the less fortunate. The community centre, just further down the road in 5th Avenue had also done the same but had stopped due to the lack of funds.
To resolve the issue, I believe that people should be given taught how to grow their own produce. They should be given an area of land, that could be used to plant and grow fruits and vegetables which they could sell to make money which they could use to not only continue to keep the project going but to also help fund more soup kitchens to provide more people with food.

Andre Bothma growing his own cauliflower in his garden.


It’s all about spreading awareness, technology is so advance and just with different social media platforms, one can share the issue and get a group of people to inspire and fund the project. We have to make a difference, we can’t always rely on big companies to make a difference when everyone who lives in the community can make the difference.


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