Organik Love Project- 2016

Firstly, I want to start this post by thanking someone dearest to my heart for introducing me to this life. Shaun Sym, since I’ve met you, you have taught me so many things and this festival has made us experience each other and our love for trance on another level and I appreciate you.

Organik Love Project was my very first trance party and took place on the 16th and 17th of April in Caledon. I was very nervous, anxious and kept thinking that we’d get robbed but I still kept positive vibes especially with my crystal on my neck which I wear daily to keep me strong.  Yes, I do believe that crystals convey off energies and strengthen your inner being and no this does not mean I do not believe in God, I believe God created these natural elements for us to cherish.

We arrived at the gates by  11 am, we were one of the first people to arrive. They were still getting the dancefloor ready and the music wasn’t playing yet.

The dancefloor and stage before everyone arrived

When you entered, you were welcomed by the friendly staff and that feeling of getting your first trance party band on your arm is just awesome, I threw my fist in the air and felt cool with my band.

As you walk towards the camp site, you saw these many poles were put up with heart flags to symbolise the love and efforts put into the event.

The different poles put up with the hearts

We set up camp and then checked out the many stalls and I got to purchase some more crystals to add to my growing collection. They sell everything such as food such as awesome samosas like damn best samosas ever, drinks, clothing, glow in the dark paint etc.

The many stalls put up and people checking them out

As 4pm approached, waiting like crazy at the chill tent which is close to the dancefloor the music finally started and we got up and ran towards the dancefloor.

I never danced so much in my life.

The Crowd going wild on the dancefloor

the line-up for the 2 days were (not in order):

Undercover, Darma, Broken Toy, Brother, Connecto, Dave Max, Drifter, Dynamic Range, Fogshow, Killawatt, Phixius, Plusminus, Rubix Qube, Silo, Sonic and Tune Raider.

The many hundreds of people that were there was so diverse in many ways possible but one thing that we all had in common were positive vibes and a strong love for trance music.

Before I have heard many people say that only drug addicts attend these parties or only uneducated teens who want to rebel but I saw and met differently. Here were old couples, we got the opportunity to take a picture of a couple dancing and falling in love as if it were the first time, I met a beautiful woman by the name of Danny who has a degree and her own business so it was great being in a moment where everyone at this party proved those negative words wrong.

The elderly couple dancing together

When the evening came, a bonfire was made and I was chilling there for some time when a random girl came to sit by me. We spoke for just over an hour and we discovered we’re from the same area #enerygamestrong

The Sunday also called ‘Sunday Fun day’ was what we reserved our energy for because the great DJ UnderCover was going to knock us off our feet.

We were up early, got breakfast and spoke about our night and what story stood out the most for me was that my boyfriend’s brother Shane Sym fell asleep in some random girl’s tent thinking that it was our tent but luckily the girls were not upset and were totally chilled.

At 11 am, UnderCover got to the stage and we all ran to the dancefloor. Journalist were up in the trees taking photos and I was trying to wrap my head around all the people that were on the dancefloor, I swear it was double the amount of yesterday and it was so awesome.

UnderCover dropped his familiar favourite tracks such as Balikali and Waka Waka, at one point we were all jumping in the air and I could feel that bass in my chest. His set was the only set I danced completely finished and after that my feet were numb.

We also got an opptunity to meet UnderCover just after he played his set.

Myself and UnderCover


We lost ourselves, we lost our hearts, everyone was so amazing and our friend Clint Sampson lost his phone ha-ha, that’s how much fun we had.

Honestly, the best experience ever, I will definitely make Organik Love Project my every year must go to event.

To see more pictures of the event, check out Shaun Sym Photography on Facebook and please let me know if you were there and share your experience and hopefully, I will see you beautiful souls at Vortex Phoenix of Fire. If not, then definitely at Sunflower.


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