Try some Artsauce to spice up your Roeland life.

Since Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT), my university decided to occupy the  building situated in Roeland street, I spend most of my days here. The street tends to be very busy because you use the road on your way up to Parliament, the fire station, The Western Cape Archives and the street has it’s own foodlovers market who by the way make lovely chicken wraps. Roeland street for me is your easiest access to most  common or busier streets in the Cape Town District(CBD)  such as Plein street, Buitenkant Street and Harrington street.

My personal favourite place found in  Roeland, that I tend to pop into daily is the beautiful Artsauce store at 62 Roeland street just before you get the Vida e Cafe. Since it’s that time of the year where art is a main focus all around and I thought why not decide to focus on this place.


The store sees to every art need you may have. It supplies everything you can imagine from pencils, drawing books, pastels to big canvas boards, in every colour from white to violet. The store itself looks as if you’re entering a blank canvas and you can take all the materials they have and just start creating something, which is exactly up their alley because they do offer art classes and have many exhibitions. All you have to do is inquire about their monthly events calendar.

Today as i was doing my daily rounds at the store chatting to the staff, a lovely woman by the name of Jill entered the store. When arriving, Jill was welcomed by first named bases from the staff and smiled as if she found her home away from home. Jill graced the store, knowingly taking things without asking for any assistance made me realise that she was defiantly a regular here at the artsauce store.This intrigued me because there are plenty other art stores here in Cape Town so I really wanted to know what made Artsauce so special to her.

After a couple of minutes of smiling at Jill, I swallowed my shy face and asked Jill the very question that bothered me since she walked in, “Why ArtSauce?”. To which Jill replied, ” I’ve been living in Cape Town for 30 years and worked in different communities  working as an art teacher, in hospitals or  on other art projects I came across this particular store about 10 years ago. It is a very user friendly store, here they research materials for you if needed and bring them in for you.The store has a lot to offer and they allow to try things and i always recommend this place to all my students. As an artist I feel this is the best place to come and create in the country.”

After speaking to Jill, I couldn’t help but wait for another customer to enter the store because even though Jill was very friendly, she still is on the surface a devoted customer to the store so she won’t say anything wrong. Suprisingly, not even a 5 minute wait another customer entered by the name of Cindy. Cindy who is an Art student wasn’t as regular as Jill said.” As an art student most of our things such as the paint tends to be supplied to us but every artist has it’s own certain type book they want to sketch in or use a certain quality of brush when painting and it’s all those small things one has to consider. So coming to Artsauce helps because they have such a great variety and they are value for money.

Both of these customers just basically told me what i had always been thinking about the store. The most important of it all is allowing the artist to create. I left the store feeling inspired to create this much needed blog post because it’s been while. On my way back to campus to reunite with friends i couldn’t help but understand that not only as a student but as a person walking on earth we all are artists. We all are creating something that will either inspire, do good or destroy this world we live in but it’s up to us to decide what path to choose.

Fill the blank world with your work

Who knew, Roeland street would normally lead to the end of my days but it has its light at the end of the tunnel moments. As any other place in Cape Town, Roeland may seem long and uphill but the people who walk the street and the stores that occupy its corners all tell many stories so I suggest you find out.

Let me know what inspires you?











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