Love through my eyes


What is love to me?


Love can be associated with many things and seen in different forms.

They tend to say that it should start with you. You loving yourself and respecting yourself first then can only allow you to love and respect someone else.

Love can be you and your boyfriend/husband encouraging each other and achieving goals together.


It can be expressed not just by the simple words “I love you”, just by the touch of hand, the soft kiss of the lips or the deep stare to one another’s eyes.

It is shared between mother and child, from the first day a baby is born and mother holds baby close to her chest until the day comes where death causes them to part for a while but even after that love never fades.


Love is accompanied by many other emotions such as happy. Love generally makes the soul smile and feel overjoyed.


Sad. Sadness due to many truths revealed which tends to allow love to grow.

It is also accompanied by action such as caring, hard work, loyalty, sharing… the list goes on.

But what I can say from experience is that love shouldn’t be draining.
Sometimes people only love the idea of you but not exactly you.


For example, you make their lives easier or you saved them from trouble.

This makes them latch onto you not because they love you but because they love how being around you benefits them.

Sometimes people just don’t enjoy being alone.
This is merely filling a hole but not with actual love.

Love should never be compared because it is different.

It does not require sexual intercourse.

It does not require abuse.

It does not require hate.

It doesn’t have to be with a human being, loving an animal is great too.

It doesn’t always require changing anyone but it does require understanding and acceptance.

Love shouldn’t be measured by time. People can be together for years and they still don’t work out.

Love shouldn’t be judged by others.

This is just how I have observed things. I understand that many may not agree with me and that’s okay.

Gabriella Santana Steyn


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