Robo Journalism – The end or just the beginning?

Brothers in arms – Creation and Creator.

Robo Journalism has everyone in a frenzy , people are thinking twice and questions arise such as will it replace my job? , will my career be over?, how is this even possible? .

I believe that the concept of having a robot involved in the journalistic world can help improve on errors or cover elements that were never humanly possible.

Robot journalism is used in financial reports, ย sport stories and even reporting on natural disasters. ย They do this by analysing data and stating only actual facts.

Unlike an article written by a human , the article has no heart , no emotion and no sense of view point but only the straight forward fact and no elaboration and that’s just it. A human journalist is needed to double check on the actual post before it gets published and readers tend to hang on to a story when there is more elaboration and if the robot has glitches or is unable to operate then who will take over? Obviously the human being.

In an article by Prica Han by text100, she says , ” The mechanical mind will never replace the originality and authenticity of the human mind.”

I have to agree with her , I believe that human and the machine can work hand in hand but there is no way possible that it can work without the other , I believe we can coexist in this industry.

In another article by Tim Dunlop from The Drum says , ” It’s not hard to imagine a system in the near future where robots have replaced human journalist and write articles using algorithms. In fact , this transition has already begun.

I agree with him to a certain extent. Yes, the transition has taken place but the fact remains it is human creation and without its creator it cannot function all the time or to its fullest extent.

Another example of robo journalism would be the QuakeBot that was used in the LA times by a journalist and web developer Ken Schwencke.

The bot receives information from the US Geological Survey and runs through a checklist which helps determine if the information is newsworthy or not.

Quakebot at work
Quakebot at work


I fully believe that we should embrace the change and explore the possibility of where this could all take us and not always focus on the negativity. Change is not always a bad thing. We can’t judge unless we’ve tried.

For more information on robo journalism you can check out this video on YouTube.

I look forward to hear your opinions. ๐Ÿ™‚


10 thoughts on “Robo Journalism – The end or just the beginning?

  1. AudioMob says:

    Who is this ‘everyone’ who is in a frenzy? What is this ‘world’ that is being taken by storm? Until a month ago, you didn’t know about robo-journalism. Tone down the hyperbole and replace with clear cases and facts. Don’t say: Check this video out. Summarise why the video is relevant. That is the job of a journalist. What happens if a reader does not want to watch the video?


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